Photo 5 Aug Túneles por los edificios?

Túneles por los edificios?

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CD Palestino, a football club in Chile founded by Palestinian immigrants, recently changed their jersey to have the number one shaped as the map of historic Palestine.

Zionist groups complained to the Chilean Football Federation and the club was subsequently fined $1,300 and told to design a new shirt. The numbers were not to be replaced with any symbols or maps.

Their response? Move the map to the front of the shirt. Even better. 

They said: ”For us, free Palestine will always be historical Palestine, nothing less.”

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ONU monsters

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Mr Thoms - Ferentino, Italy


Mr Thoms - Ferentino, Italy

Photo 13 Jul Quiero ese!

Quiero ese!

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Mathilda: ¿Es la vida siempre así de dura, o solo cuando eres niño?

Léon: Siempre es así.

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Joan Cornellà
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